giovedì 18 luglio 2013

Soviet abandoned powerhouse / CGHUB challenge New Worlds # 64

Hi everybody !

I created this environment for the "Dune world CGHUB challenge #64". The Goal was to create an environment for the "Dune scuttler / CGHUB challenge - Creature # 78 " which is a medium predator that inhabits a harsh desert. This Creature is suited perfectly for moving quickly across the immense sand dunes in search of water, prey and shade. It darts from one location to the next to avoid the direct sun as much as possible.
I thought that an abandoned geothermal powerhouse would be a perfect place to find shadow and protection from the sun light, but also because it offers the possibility to move underground by using old pipelines.

You can check the challenge page and the entries here:

My CGHUB profile:

I hope you will enjoy it !

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