sabato 12 luglio 2014

Route 66, virtual plein air...

"Wigwam motel, route 66"

"Cruiser's Route 66 Cafe, Williams, AZ 86046"

"Custer County, OK"

"Amarillo Texas"

"Gray County Texas"

In the last months I discovered the " Virtual Plein Air " FB group and I really enjoyed this activity ! I think that is a great exercise and a lot of fun...
This are some virtual plein air I did in the last month, all of them are from picture I found along the ROUTE 66 on google street view or on Panoramio... 

Here you can find the link of the location I painted:

2) Cruiser's Route 66 Cafe, Williams, AZ 86046,

3) Custer County, OK, USA,

Enjoy & have a nice weekend :)

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