domenica 22 giugno 2014

Scott Robertson Masterclass 2014 Montréal...

"Pictures from Dan Rabinovich and Syn Studios"

" my signed copy of How to draw :) "

I had a great time at the " Scott Robertson Masterclass" in Montréal !!! ". Two days of amazing workshop and really interesting techniques that boosted my motivation and art knowledge ! Scott is great when it comes to explain and teach ! 
It was also a great opportunity to meet so many great artists and have the chance to talk to them (in real life) ! The dinner was also great and having the chance to sit at the same table which such as amazing artists was just incredible!!!

In two words was just "COOL and BADASS !!!" :)

A big thank you to Scott Robertson, Anthony Walsh, Syn Studio and CGMA that made this possible!!!

I want also say THANKS to my buddy Francesco Lorenzetti  which accomodate me and made my trip way easier ! I had had a great time in Canada ! 

martedì 3 giugno 2014

Mist Walker...

"Mist Walker, photoshop"

This is my entry for the monthly Gnomon 2d challenge.
Topic "Mist Walker"

Have  anice day !